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The Burson Law Office provides l​egal services for clients in Alabama.  Our office is located in Guntersville just a few blocks from the Marshall County Courthouse.  Your legal needs might be: advice, preparation of certain legal documents, settling your case, or taking your case to trial.

- In all matters we are here to serve you. 



phone 256-571-7383​



513 Gunter Avenue

Guntersville, AL 35976



Alabama allows someone who has been arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony to have that record of arrest removed from their criminal history records.  Contact us to see if you qualify for an expungement.
Family Law
Cases involving family law can be some of the most difficult matters to go through.  Often these cases affect multiple family members and friends.  Let us use our experience, compassion, and understanding to stand by you in these matters.    
Criminal Law
Criminal cases are often very complex.  They routinely involve issues of Constitutional Law, Criminal Code, and Case Law.  If you have been charged with a crime (no matter the level) you need an experienced attorney who will help protect you and your rights, 
Areas of Practice





City Court


​Family Law​

Probate ​​​​​

Civil Litigation



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